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Earthquake and Tsunami Emergency Support Project (ETESP) - Package 33: Strengthening BRR's Project Management Office, May 2007 - August 2010. Asian Development Bank (ADB), Grant No. 002-INO

Schedule 5 of Earthquake and Tsunami Emergency Project (ETESP) Grant Agreement stipulates the Badan Rehabilitasi dan Rekonstruksi (BRR) Aceh and Nias, the Executing Agency for the Grant, to establish a dedicated, centralized Project Management Office (PMO). BRR accomplished this provision in late 2005 and the PMO was subsequently restructured in the fourth quarter of 2006. A director level staff has been appointed as

the Head of the PMO. To support its operation, Osana is establishing a Secretariat under this Technical Assistance. Osana mobilize twenty-five advisors, sub-professionals and staffs to assist BRR's PMO facilitating, coordinating and reporting upon implementation

of rehabilitation and reconstruction projects in 22 district governments of NAD and Nias, many of which involve a participatory development process, the drafting of economic development plans, and administration support, specifically pertaining to procurement, financial management, projects monitoring and evaluation and reporting function




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