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PDAM Pontianak: Design of a Capital Investment Strategy and Financing Plan, November 2006 - February 2007 World Bank, TF # 050068

The objective of this activity is to enhance Pontianak’s financial market access through the design of a financing plan and the issuance of a local currency credit rating thereby augmenting its access to the market-based funding pool of institutional savings and investment. The activity of this project is divided in two phases: Phase I, Identify Pontianak’s financing requirements during the next 5-7 years while keeping in mind the evolving structure of the industry and market, the corporate and legal framework, and the evolution of PDAM Pontianak over time. Phase II, Support Pontianak as required during the credit rating process. This will entail assisting Pontianak in preparing for the credit rating, in complying with the rating agency’s information requirements, and in supporting Pontianak senior management during their dialogue with the rating agency.



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