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Aceh Technical Assistance Recovery Project (A-TARP), September 2005 - May 2007 USAID

This project was conceived as a result of numerous requests from a number of Government of Indonesia (GOI) Ministries and Agencies for fast-mobilizing and targeted technical and other assistance. In order to respond expeditiously to Government requests, A-TARP was designed to accommodate diverse policy, strategy and project implementation needs across a relatively broad array of sectors: economic, social, education, governance, and others. It is also intended to support disaster-related programming associated with the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Aceh and North Sumatra. The purpose of this project is to provide high-caliber long and short-term policy and technical advice, training, and commodities to relevant GOI Ministries and Agencies, including those that are engaged directly and indirectly in the recovery of Aceh and North Sumatra provinces. The project will build capacity in line ministries, equipping them to better develop, analyze, and respond to national policy and planning needs, including those which may be related to the disaster. A-TARP will mobilize short and long-term expatriate and local technical assistance, provide limited commodity support, and organize domestic and international training and conference participation. The mix and type of assistance will be determined through a mutual project design. Osana mobilized Senior Adviser to Logistic Management Services to BRR (LMS-BRR) to
assist the process of implementing the Blue Print / Master Plan for reconstruction after the tsunami and earthquakes of 26 December 2004 and 28 March 2005. The LMS will assist the various program managers under the deputies and directors of BRR to execute the logistics elements of programs delegated to them.



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