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Improving the Indonesian Government Procurement System, August 1996 - April 1998 Government of Indonesia (GOI) - Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs (Ekkuwasbang)


Under the direction of the Project Management Unit Technical Assistance Project for Public and Private Provision of Infrastructure (PMU TAP4I), Osana mobilized an expatriate Government Advisor to provide legal and procurement advice to assist GOI Working Groups to improve the efficiency, transparency and openness of the Indonesian Government Procurement System by helping them to: (a) consider alternative to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of project implementation; and (b) assure Indonesia's continuing compliance with APEC, AFTA, WTO and other multilateral trade obligations, such as the WTO Government Procurement Agreement (GPA), (c) draft implementing regulations to achieve effective, broad-based PSP competition in the provision of infrastructure development; (e) further plan the development of a "Procurement Institute;" and (d) develop a continuing stream of professional private and public sector procurement professionals by implementing graduate-level procurement-related courses at the University of Gadjah Mada, the University of Indonesia, and other government-supported institutions of higher learning.




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