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Public Financial Management for Rural Development Program (ADB TA 0133-CAM), November 2009- September 2011, Asian Development Bank

The project will be the key instrument supporting roll-out of PFM reforms in rural-development ministries. Four project components will support PFM reforms in the medium-term. One component will support rural development ministries (MAFF, MRD, and MOWRAM) to implement and monitor key PFM reforms, with a focus on enhancing budget planning, budget execution (including procurement), accounting, recording, and reporting. Another component will strengthen internal audit mechanisms in these ministries, which will increase management efficiency and improve financial controls and procedures. Strengthening public debt management in the Government will be another critical area of support. In addition, the project will support NAA to improve its audit capacity and operational efficiency, as NAA has a fundamental role in improving the quality of financial governance, reinforcing institutional oversight, and providing checks and balances in the management of public finances. Implementation of PFM reforms under subprogram 2 will also require technical inputs and targeted on-the-job support to equip the key Government agencies with the knowledge and skills to ensure that the reforms will be sustained beyond PFMRDP and that reform triggers under subprogram 2 are achieved.

Strong PFM systems is at the core of Governance agenda and contributes to improved service delivery and reduces poverty. Besides, it promotes macroecnomic stability through improved management of public resources and promotes expenditure efficiency, including prevention of waste and corruption.



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