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Harold Sullivan

Dr. Harold (Hal) Sullivan is an American Lawyer (licensed in the State of Maryland and Federal District Courts) who has, since 1988, assisted developing countries (Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Kosovo, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vienna and Egypt, among others) to consider economic/law development policy matters, formulate appropriate institutional arrangements, and implement policy decisions.

He received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Southeastern University, 1975 and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Baltimore, 1978. Dr. Sullivan also has worked closely with local governments throughout Indonesia; prepared a comprehensive “Sector Report on Accountability and Audit in Indonesia;” interfaced with more than 80 Regional Supervisory Boards (Bawasda), the internal audit units for the newly-autonomous kabupaten and kota governments; and conducted a number of consensus-building seminars and workshops to facilitate the implementation of state audit reforms. He has served as PPP Legal Advisor on the ADB financed Technical Advisory Services (TAS), IRSDP as Procurement Advisor. Currently, he is working as PPP International Legal Specialist for Engineering service for Railway Double Tracking on Java South Line (III) Package B, JICA IP-540 and  serves as PPP Legal and Regulatory Specialist under ADB TA 7796 ”Strengthening Public-Private Partnerships in Philipines”.



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