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Osana has successfully planned, organized and conducted a wide variety of workshops and seminars to augment its technical assistance. Considering the needs of more than 400 of Indonesia's autonomous district governments, cities (kota) and regencies (kabupaten), Osana is currently focused on assisting district executives, mayors (walikota) and regents (bupati), members of the local parliaments (DPR-D) and other local government officials responsible for development activities, to fulfill their important mandates.

Workshops and seminars are typically conducted in one of three locations:
VILLA OSANA, a training facility in Puncak, West Java which offers full service dormitory facilities;
ON-SITE at the client's facilities; or
HOTELS, where a larger, centrally-located venue is required.

Workshop and seminar subjects include the following:
1. Reinventing Local Government Management
2. Privatization of Municipal Services
3. How to Receive Better Value Through Competitive Public Procurements
4. How Local Governments Can Attract Investment, Foreign and Domestic
5. Good Governance and the Participatory Development Process
6. Legislative Drafting for DPR-D Members
7. Enhancing the Capabilities of Regional Supervisory Boards (Bawasda)
8. How to Conduct Compliance, Performance and Forensic Audits
9. Improving Government Report Writing
10. Information Technology (IT) to Improve the Function of Government
11. Techniques to Implement and Institutionalize Donor Funded Projects
12. The Benefits of Peer Evaluations for Local Governments
13. Privatization of Regional-Owned Enterprises (BUMD)
14. Infrastructure Development Through Concessions

Osana strives to develop the practical, analytical, and implementation skills of its participants in an adult learning environment. In our executive management training workshops, participants will acquire new knowledge and skills, as well as learn about the latest developments in their fields from other country settings, resulting in increased management capacity on both the individual and organizational levels.

Our high-quality management training provides participants with a learning experience that combines appropriate classroom teaching methods with practical case studies, professional site visits, computer labs and study tours. Osana prides itself in making the workshops practical and responsive to participants' needs, and emphasizes interactive training sessions, individual action plan development, and computer-based training modules. In striving to provide top-quality training to our participants, Osana is continually updating its programs to ensure their relevance and usefulness. This approach ensures an experience that participants will find both rewarding and technically useful in their own environments immediately upon their return home.

Osana uses a wide variety of innovative techniques to support workshop and seminar objectives, including the following:

Osana Time Manager: The Time Manager was designed to assist government officials to efficiently plan, organize, conduct and report on development activities.



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