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Upgrading community-based pipe water services with private sector support (Second generation project), Component II Study and Technical Assistance to Develop Support Programs for CBOs through Priv

The goal of this project is to contribute to the long-term development of Indonesia by increasing the sustained access of up to 10,000 residents in 2-5 districts in West and East Java to safe water supply through community-based water organizations (CBOs). The desired project outcome is that participating CBOs and local governments in 2-5 districts in West and East Java utilize the new financing and program schemes introduced in the project aimed at expanding and improving services through community-based water organizations by 2012. The project seeks to introduce new financing and program schemes involving partnerships between local governments, CBOs and the private sector to develop CBO water infrastructure and expand their customer base thus providing a sustainable mechanism for increasing water supply access to “urban” areas outside the PDAM service boundary. The objective of this particular assignment is to strengthen the performance of a group of CBOs in two (2) districts through the implementation of a well-structured support program involving partnership between the private sector, local government and community based organizations.



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